Full-stack programming course
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Important COVID-19 notice

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are continuing our course online. This doesn’t mean we will defer to following general e-learning practices, or teach you with pre-recorded videos. You will learn from live courses and workshops, and get live mentoring via stream.

Welcome to Akademi for Programmering!

If you are ready for a career change, or just simply interested in programming and computer science, but do not find the time during the hectic weekdays, we have a solution for you.

Our vision is to provide quality education for those adults who work full time and cannot participate in regular higher-education due to lack of time or any other reasons.

We know exactly how hard it can be to earn a living and study at the same time, so we will help you to get quality education from experienced people in the field and make the most out of your investment in your future opportunities.

Front-end + Back-end = Full-stack

Our academy has built up a complete course collection for you to learn full-stack programming from scratch in 6 months. You will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field who also have broad work experience.

Front-end course

Front-end generally covers working with web related languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as the design of user interfaces and improving user experience.

From 35 000 NOK

Back-end course

Back-end programming means working on the server side and databases. It usually includes the development of algorithms responsible for heavy calculations and complex operations.

From 40 000 NOK

Full-stack module

A full stack programmer has a general knowledge of both web development and server-side programming. Such a programmer has insight in the application’s structure from end to end.

From 50 000 NOK

Your portfolio in focus

While participating in intensive courses and workshops, practicing and creating your first portfolio that you can proudly show to your future employer, we will help you to gain invaluable knowledge that is needed on an international level

Weekend courses in Oslo

Our courses take place in Oslo, usually every second weekend, where we also offer live mentoring. Between these sessions you work on your assignments individually – but you can reach out to your teacher online, whenever.

For beginners in English

Whether you are new to the world of coding, or have any previous programming and/or mathematical experienceyou are most welcome to apply. What is more, since we are an international community, we offer all our courses in English!

Our students say

“You will be able to work in a professional environment and be able to ask questions, cooperate with your peers basically 24/7. You will get everything you need to become a developer, lots of excercises, but you need to practice, practice, practice and practice a little more. But if there’s a will, there’s a way, right? The rest you will definitely get at the Akademi.”


“It is my privilege to recommend this course to new beginners and for those with some knowledge of programming from before. This course is ideal for you if who want to change your profession on short period and if you want to combine both work and study.”


Prices and payment

Our academy does not only offer training in the most job-market-relevant skills, but also for a price that is affordable in comparison with private education in Norway.

The full price of the studies is 35.000 NOK to 60.000 NOK depending on your choice of studies and the payment plan. For full description of the study plan and your opportunities, please study the guide carefully.

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Our teachers

Attila {

Attila holds several degrees in IT, languages, and communication, as well as pedagogy.


Petra {

Petra holds degrees in marketing, and multimedia design, and works as a front-end developer.


Haseeb {

Haseeb holds a bachelor’s degree in IT and Information systems from the University of South-Eastern Norway.


Sounds interesting?

Download our introductory material where you can find more in-depth information about the teaching, the course itself, pricing, obligations and the application process!

Commit yourself for improvement today and push your skills to the next level!

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Introduction to programming with Java

Advanced programming with Java

Software testing essentials

Application programming

Web development with HTML and CSS

JavaScript basics

JavaScript libraries

UI / UX design

SQL and databases

Software engineering


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